Who Is Lake Front Mower?

Lake Front Mower has been a part of the Erie County community for over 30 years. As a family owned and operated business, our customers are afforded the opportunity to work directly with the owners and their family members. This ensures the quickest turnaround time in resolving service issues and providing accurate parts and products to meet your Outdoor Power Equipment needs, regardless of season.

The story of Lake Front Mower began in 1982 at 1948 East Lake Road. For over 30 years Lake Front Mower has continued to grow in terms of products, services, parts, and employees. In 2003, we moved to current location at 2142 East Lake Road, where we expanded our staff to 7 to better meet our customer's needs. Our owners and staff's combined mechanical experience encompasses more than 90 years. Lake Front Mower's service, extensive inventory of parts and products, customer service, staff experience, and family-center environment sets Lake Front Mower apart from all other Outdoor Power Equipment dealers in the Erie County, PA area.


Jerry Chase (Owner)

Jerry Chase is a graduate of Tech Memorial High School in Small Engine Repair and at the age of 22 he started Lake Front Mower. In the beginning, customers would ask to speak to his father, assuming he was owner’s son. Jerry would point his father out at the fire hall across the street and explain that his father was a fireman and didn't know much about small engine repair. Jerry is a Gold Certified Stihl Technician and has been a small engine technician for 37 years.


Debbi Chase (Owner)

Debbi Chase is a graduate of Triangle Tech's Drafting and Design program, and later Gannon University's Business Administration program. Debbi is the wife of the owner; she joined the Lake Front Mower full-time in 2011, due to her long-standing employer relocating. She is trained to assist with all customer service issues.

Karl Pocatko

Karl Pochatko worked as an auto mechanic for 20 years before join in our team in 2005 as a small engine technician. He is a valuable asset to our customers due to his mechanical diagnosis abilities. Karl strengths in analysis are important in working on tractors and complex equipment.


Aleksey Merklov

Aleksey Merkulov provides a welcomed and diverse skill set. He joined the team in 2011, providing a variety of support services.  Over the past six years, his skills have become more comprehensive establishing himself as an asset to Lake Front Mower staff and customer.

Charlotte Chase (Mom)

Charlotte Chase (Mom) was a mother of 6 children and homemaker. Jerry and Charlotte began working together at her home for the first couple of years, until they started working daily at the first Lake Front Mower location. She is the accounting specialist that can assist you in finding your parts. She is the bedrock of Lake Front Mower and everyone considers her their mom.


Roxi joined our staff in the spring of 2006, after intense customer service and security training. Her role now varies between security, mascot and therapy dog. She has a large following and is great in all her roles.

Dale LaPante

Dale LaPlante came to Lake Front Mower in 2014 after 40 years in the field. His extensive expertise is in 2-cycle equipment such as Chainsaws, Trimmers, Hedge Trimmers, cultivators, etc… Dale is a welcome addition to our staff and our customers have confidence in his workmanship and integrity.